Vocations: Introducing Tenders

Every character will be in a group known as a Vocation. Every Immerton citizen has a primary vocation, an interest area, focus, or aptitude with which they identify. Every vocation has a leader, an elder who mentors others with the call of this vocation. The Vocations are not meant to box a person into a role, but to give a person a circle or tribe that shares a passion or interest. Your Vocation group members are your closest sisters within Immerton, but there are many ways to embody and represent each Vocation. All of the Vocations together create the synergy of community. None is more important than any other.

The first Vocation we will introduce are Tenders.

Tenders are those who care for and about themselves, others, the environment, the community, the symbiosis, the harmony. Represented by the hearth, they are also responsible for stability and inspiration, passion and persistence, the dual forces of the fire. They may harness or ignite equally as they seek continual improvement of the self and the community. Their primary service is to tend and care: for the gardens, for the community, for the children, for the sick, for the infirm, for the elders, for those in distress, for the environment, for the hearth, for all things that need to be sustained.